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How our Data Room helps investors

Read the project summary & watch the presentation.

Get a quick understanding of each project with a written summary and a 10-minute video by the company owner.

Review highlights of each investment

See Project Timeline, Market Feasibility, Financial Forecast, ROI Payment Terms and more. Instantly compare different investments.

Strengths & risks analysis

Due diligence experts EB5 Diligence outline the potential competitve advantages as well as challenges that could face each project.

Due diligence report

Our 25-35 page reports, give you expert analysis of each investment so you can make an informed decision.

Due diligence Q&A video for each investment

In these extremely in-depth videos, investments analysts ask tough questions of each company owner.

Get news & real-time updates

Change happens. As projects evolve, our data room features progress reports and any news for each investment.

Support is always there for you

Customers are assigned a registerd securities broker and due diligence analyst they can always speak with.

Investment Directory
The eb5Marketplace directory is very organized and easy to use. All information related to the recommended projects, including the due diligence reports, regional center information and the latest status of the I-526 applications, is all available in one place. This makes it easy to pick the right project as well as to track changes and updates to the project throughout the petition-filing process.

Kunal Hemant Muchhala, EB-5 investor

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