East Ohio Regional Hospitals

Hospital Innovations

Martins Ferry, OH

East Ohio Hospital, LLC is raising capital from EB-5 investors ("investors") to expand its services to add a behavioural health facility for drug and alcohol treatment, which will include inpatient and outpatient health units and a residential rehabilitation unit ("the Project"). 

East Ohio Regional Hospital is a 178-bed short-term acute care hospital serving Martin’s Ferry, Ohio (Belmont County) and the surrounding region. It offers emergency services, surgical services, inpatient care, outpatient procedures, and has an onsite retail pharmacy, lab, and skilled nursing facilityEast Ohio Hospital has served the area of Martins Ferry, Ohio since 1906, however, in 2019 the hospital closed. Dr Johnson acquired the hospital and completed leasehold improvements, upgraded equipment, and reopened the hospital to the public in 2021.

Market Need

Ohio has the fifth largest opioid overdose death rate in the United States ("U.S."). West Virginia, which boarders the location of East Ohio Hospital, has the highest rate in the U.S. (source: CDC Reports dated 2021). The county in which the Project is located, Belmont County, has 23.4% more opioid deaths than the U.S. average. Currently, only about 47% of adults with mental illness in West Virginia and Ohio receive any form of treatment due to lack of access (source: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) and these areas are designated as "Medically Underserved Areas" (source: Health Resources & Services Administration dated 2022).

Experienced Team

The hospital is owned by Dr Johnson who is a board-certified psychiatrist. Over the past 35 years Dr. Johnson has started, acquired, and grown a variety of healthcare organizations that he continues to own and operate including one of Ohio's largest independent behavioral health centers, Access Ohio. Other team members also have experience in health care operations, nursing leadership, and healthcare administration.

The EB-5 offering is sponsored by Steven Smith of Smith Central Regional Center whose prior EB-5 projects include a hotel, apartment building complex, and a restaurant chain.

Expedited Processing

Given the severity of the drug epidemic in the United States and the critical nature of substance abuse programs and treatment facilities, the project qualifies as in the national interest. Prior investors have already qualified for expedited processing.

Job Creation

The econometric study estimated that 1,278 jobs will be created from the Project, resulting in an excess of 878 jobs or approximately a 320% job cushion. Project has been funded with bridge financing from Dr Johnson and has already met the EB-5 job-creation requirements for future investors.