Northeast Rural Development Regional Center

Since 2013, Kurt Reuss, CEO of eb5Marketplace, has been analyzing and selling EB-5 investments as a registered securities broker. This uniquely qualifies him to supervise an EB-5 regional center in order to fulfill USCIS requirements and the needs of U.S. businesses looking to raise EB-5 capital, and to satisfy the immigration and financial needs of investors.

  • Securities compliance experience

    Operating under the stringent supervision of a registered broker-dealer for years, Kurt is extremely knowledgable about securities compliance. Note that the EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act of 2022 requires regional centers to follow U.S. federal and state securities regulations; as Kurt has been doing this for a living for many years, operating in accordance with securities laws is simply a natural part of business for him and his team.

  • Co-founder EB5 Diligence

    Having co-founded what many lawyers believe to be the leading due diligence firm in the industry, Kurt is intimately acquainted with what to look for in EB-5 investments that fulfill the rigorous requirements of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and fulfill the financial needs of foreign nationals. He is always cognizant of both the immigration and financial aspects of any investment he is promoting.

  • Marketing experience in EB-5

    As founder of eb5Marketplace, Kurt has many established channels that speak to and attract an audience — whether it’s a U.S. business looking to raise capital and create jobs, or investors looking to make an informed investment selection. He has the marketing experience needed to compete for and complete significant EB-5 capital raises.

  • Moderator of industry roundtables

    As the long-term moderator of both of these highly respected and influential EB-5 roundtables, Kurt is intimately aware of the securities and immigration issues related to the program. He has a vast international network of EB-5 lawyers to advise and assist him.

Running a regional center as an engine for U.S. economic development in areas of need

In 2022, Kurt is focusing on EB-5 investments in the U.S. national interest or located in a rural areas. This will be the driving vision behind the Northeast Rural Development Regional Center.

The U.S. northeast has many communities and businesses that truly need foreign investment capital to accelerate economic growth and job creation; Kurt and his team are committed to being an agent of positive change in this region.

It should be noted that the Northeast Rural Development Regional Center has only been applied for and as such is not currently approved as a designated regional center.