Your clients need informed choice.
You don’t need to worry.

Project choice
is essential

An informed investment selection requires options. Our platform provides a wide range of EB-5 projects for your clients to review.

Due diligence

Third-party due diligence is a must. Our platform makes it easy to make an informed review and comparison of investments.

Ease of use means

Our platform’s simplicity allows some of the investors we’ve worked with to make an investment selection in just a few days.


This promotes compliance with SEC, FINRA and state securities regulations — so costly mistakes are less likely to happen.

Avoid all responsibility — and liability — from steering clients toward an investment

If an investment should fail, there is no reason for fingers to be pointed in your direction. Our third-party professional analysis is better for your clients — and you.

Accelerate the
filing process

It can take an investor several months to throroughly review the offering documents of mulitple investments.

This can make the filing process sluggish and inefficient for you as the lawyer. Our platform can help you and your clients file their I-526 more expeditiously.

Attorney view &
citation links

A dedicated attorney view gives you access to all the EB-5 investment projects your clients are considering.

Citation links allow you and your clients to find key terms quickly in the offering documents. We know you’ll value the efficiency this provides you as an immigration lawyer.

Immigration lawyers testimonials

*Testimonials herein are unpaid and may not be representative of the experience of others and are not a guarantee of any future performance or success.

“The eb5Marketplace platform has been an essential tool for my clients in selecting EB-5 projects and its success is based on the focus and simplicity it brings to evaluating critical considerations, from both an immigration and financial point of view. My clients appreciate the straightforward nature of the information presented and are pleased with the level of due diligence provided by the eb5Marketplace platform. There is nothing else like it on the market to assist EB-5 investors in making their investment decision.”

Joseph Barnett, Partner,
Wolfsdorf Rosenthal, LLP,
Immigration Attorney

Guy Compton, EB-5 investor
“My clients have been working with the EB5 Marketplace platform for several  years and have found that it increases their understanding about the EB-5 Program. I believe choice is essential to making a sound investment decision. And EB5marketplace is the only platform I know of that can provide independent analysis on an impressive range of EB-5 projects. When I use their platform with my clients, I can swiftly analyze job creation methodologies, capital stacks, and immigration-related risks.”

Michael Harris,
Harrislaw, P.A.,
Immigration Attorney

Guy Compton, EB-5 investor
“Successfully immigrating under the EB-5 program requires a prospective investor to obtain and analyze voluminous information regarding the commercial viability, financial reliability, and immigration law compliance of a wide array of competing investment opportunities. Our clients find the information provided on the EB5 Marketplace Platform to be of tremendous value in its presentation in one place of objective, well-researched information concerning the relevant details of a wide range of curated project offerings. The eb5Marketplace Platform is an invaluable resource for prospective EB-5 investors looking to make an 'information based' project selection decision.”

Robert P. Gaffney, Founder,
Law Offices of Robert P. Gaffney

Guy Compton, EB-5 investor