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Multiple investments.

Third-party due diligence.

Our platform makes it simple.

eb5Marketplace was the only platform which listed the best projects on the market and unambiguously listed the pros and cons. It cut through the noise, gave me the facts in a digestible form.

Sharad Reddy, EB-5 investor

Sharad Reddy, EB-5 investor

The third-party due diligence every EB-5 investor needs

Your Green Card and financial success demand a clear understanding of any investment — both positive and negative. Our full due diligence reports offer transparency of all key terms and third-party analysis of strengths and risks.

Our due diligence process strives to evaluate three things:

Likelihood of I-526 approval (project)

Likelihood of I-829 approval (that conditions will be)

Likelihood of return of capital in a timely manner

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The platform to simply review and compare investments

Our propriety technology simply presents all the information and analysis you need for each investment — on just one page. It’s both simple yet thorough. It makes understanding each investment — and comparing multiple investments — easy.

How it helps:

2 ratings (immigration & financial) for each investment

See key terms

Strengths & risks analysis

Full 35-page downloadable report

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