Freemont, CA

Direct EB-5

BreezLyte manufactures innovative medical-grade N95 respiratory masks for the healthcare industry, essential workers, and the general public. The mission is to create the most breathable N95 masks in the world at the lowest cost. Artificial intelligence and machine-vision-based process controls will ensure superior quality. Masks are made of innovative nanofiber filter material that provides up to three times the airflow of conventional masks, while offering excellent protection — over 97% filtration efficiency. These masks are also lightweight and have a more comfortable design than traditional N95 masks. A highly automated, touchless, and software-controlled production will minimize costs of goods. And BreezLyte will soon offer the only biodegradable N95 product lines on the market, combatting the serious environmental challenges posed by traditional N95 respirators. This business model projects to be viable long after the COVID-19 pandemic becomes managed and fully under control due to the need for stockpile replenishment and changes in medical protocols.