Freemont, CA

Mask features
Breez Lyte

BreezLyte is a new, California-based manufacturer of medical-grade N95 masks. Made from innovative nanofiber material, BreezLyte’s next generation N95 masks provide equal or better filtration, have better breathability, cost less, and are more comfortable to wear than N95 masks produced by market leaders 3M and Honeywell.The company has completed product development and testing of its first line of masks and is poised to bring its $8.79 million production facility online within two months of completing its final capital raise. BreezLyte is issuing a $6 million offering to EB-5 investors, which will accompany $2.79 million in investment from its principals, to fund the project.The project is expected to bring 239 new full-time jobs to California’s Central Valley within two years.